License Numbers: Public Works—-DIR Contractor Registration #1000011594 | Contractor's License #683437 C61/DO6

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Spartan Concrete & Asphalt Cutting, Inc. takes pride in their work. Our operators are trained and professional members of our team.

Spartan Concrete & Asphalt Cutting, Inc., is a full-service concrete sawing and breaking company in North Palm Springs, California.

We have been located in the Coachella Valley area since 1989, and we were incorporated in 2001. Our goal is to provide our clients with reliable and affordable service.


. The services we are able to provide include:

• Sawcutting - InteriorElectric 
• Removal Services—Hard Demo, Slabs, Walls, Asphalt, Curb & Gutter, Driveways, & Masonry Walls
• GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) Scanning
• Coring
• Wall Sawing
• Auger Work

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Insurance Coverage

Feel free to contact our office for any questions regarding our coverage or email Laurie at:

Spartan Concrete & Asphalt Cutting, Inc., is fully insured to protect our clients, our employees, and our business. The various levels of coverage that are held by Spartan include but are not limited to:  

• $1,000,000—General Coverage
• $2,000,000—General Aggregate Coverage
• $1,000,000—Workers' Compensation
• $2,000,000—Umbrella Policy